In order to be a truly successful business leader, you’ll need quite a few skills and traits. Luckily, many of these can be cultivated and learned. Here’s a helpful list that can prepare you for your career as a successful business leader!

1) Perseverance

When working in business, it’s important that you persevere. Somedays, your job will be mighty difficult, especially if you’re a leader of a large company. Instead of feeling discouraged, give yourself a pep talk to power through the obstacles and keep working toward your end goal.

2) Passion

No matter what your career is, passion is necessary in order to succeed. The people around you will notice this passion and be drawn toward you. Having passion helps you with networking and advancement in your career, because you’ll put effort into your work and be able to think of innovative ideas to accomplish goals. Passion is an admirable trait in any capacity, but it can be particularly helpful in your career.

3) Ability to take criticism

It’s important that you can handle constructive criticism if you’re a business leader! Lots of people will be closely scrutinizing the work you do and will have lots of ideas on how to improve it. You must handle the comments thrown at you well and also sift through them to find the positive feedback and suggestions that can actually help you. At the same time, you should be able to dismiss the criticism that you know is harsh and unconstructive.

4) Never settle

In order to advance your career as a leader, learn never to settle with where things are. This doesn’t mean you should be an unhappy person who is never satisfied, but it does mean that you should always be looking ahead with your business and career. Always make goals and strive to achieve them. Once you attain a goal, move on to the next one!

5) Collaboration

The ability to work well with other people is vital to your personal success. It’s important to make connections and be able to accomplish goals with others’ help. No single person can achieve all their goals on their own, so it’s important to interact positively with your co-workers and any other people around you. Being able to work on projects and meet goals together will make you and your business great!

6) Willing to take risks

Don’t be afraid to take risks! Try a new concept out and, even if it doesn’t work out the way you envisioned, you’ll have learned something. Be open to learning from mistakes made, whether your fault or otherwise, and then move on and be more victorious than you were before. Train yourself to have a growth mindset instead of feeling downtrodden when events don’t work out exactly the way you hoped.

7) Stand up for yourself!

Finally, in the cutthroat world of business, it’s important that you can stand up for yourself and your ideas. If you want to create a bright career for yourself, you need to learn not to let anyone walk over you or take credit for your ideas. Whether this person is a superior or a co-worker, teach yourself how to voice your opinions and make yourself clear in a way that’s respectful, but still gets your point across.