(FSU College of Business- Bachelors of Science, Finance – Class of 2002)

Florida State University, commonly referred to as Florida State or FSU, is one of the nation’s elite public space-grant and sea-grant research institution that was founded in 1851. Its primary campus is located in Tallahassee, Florida and holds over 40,000 students, undergraduates and postgraduates combined. In addition to its nationally recognized NCAA Division I college football team, U.S. News & World report ranked Florida State University as one of the top 50 best public universities in the nation and top 100 university among all national universities, public and private. For the university’s business school, Florida State University College of Business, about 5,999 students were enrolled in classes, including undergraduates and graduates, for the 2015 academic calendar. Overall, the business school ranks 39th among public universities and 61st among public and private schools.


(Warrington College of Business- Master of Science, Finance – 2005 to 2006)

 The Warrington College of Business Administration is the business school of the University of Florida. Holding about 6,300 students are enrolled in classes, including both undergraduates and graduate students, the Warrington College of Business mission is to build a better society by creating influential research and educating tomorrow’s business leaders. Students graduating full-time from these graduate programs have posted record performances in career placement and compensation for the 2015 academic calendar. For the Masters in Science Finance degree, the program itself focuses specifically on finance, accounting, and economics. In addition to its rigor, the MSF degree provides many great opportunities for internships, leadership positions, and  valuable relationships. Currently, the program has evolved as a combined dual-degree program with undergraduates, law students, and PhD candidates.

Sarang is a diligent student who brings insight and energy to the classroom. Sarang is an outside the box thinker who solves problems conventionally as well as unconventionally. Sarang combines his innovative abilities with a strong work ethic and has earned the respect of those around him at various stages in his life and career.