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Make Something on the Side—The Best Side Jobs

You might be considering getting a second job, yet you haven’t because you’re not quite sure what to do. This is going to add additional hours to your work day, so, when considering an extra source of income, there are a few points to consider. By taking these factors into account, you may be able […]

How Is AI Changing Finance

The financial sector is full of millions upon millions of numbers. And while humans have been pretty good at analyzing these numbers, many of them have made miscalculations and misjudgments in the past when it comes to personal finance. But now, with the rising surge of artificial intelligence programs, these mistakes may be able to […]

Opportunities and Risks in Fintech

Opportunities continue to emerge in the financial sector. Leading the way are innovations in computer processes combined with cost-effective data storage. The most significant for fintech are analytical techniques and service applications. Both, digital banking and robo-advisers, offers a wealth of opportunities. While blockchains are grabbing headlines, artificial intelligence is quietly advancing fintech in the […]

New Talent in the Fintech Industry

The world of financial technology (“fintech”) has grown exponentially in the last couple of years, with its influence reaching global proportions. In particular, India’s banking industry has been aided largely by the growing sector, which means great things for the country’s workforce—particularly the ones who are just starting out. Its benefits stray beyond the borders […]

Sarang Ahuja—Personal Finance Habits

Personal Finance Habits You Can Start Right Now

No matter your age or situation, financial decisions of today will impact your future. Starting a few good habits today can put you on track for not only financial stability, but financial success. It isn’t always easy, but every good choice will put you one step closer to the financial freedom coveted by many, but […]

Sarang Ahuja—Finance For Small Business

How Small Businesses Can Practice Good Finance

Even with a business degree, managing the finances for your small business can be a complicated and frustrating process. By taking the time to make a habit out of certain practices, you’ll be better able to manage your new business and ensure accurate record keeping. Keep Track of Your Actual Cash Flow One of the […]

Sarang Ahuja—Debunking Common Finance Myths

Debunking Common Finance Myths

Personal finance can be a confusing task to stay on top of. It’s made even more difficult by the dozens of myths that have been floating around for years relating to finances. Below, I’ve listed some myths that should be put to rest when you work to secure your financial future. Retirement Is A Cookie Cutter […]

Sarang Ahuja—Investing For Retirement

How (And What) To Invest For Retirement

Increasingly, with the decline of traditional pensions, it is up to the individual to plan his or her retirement strategy. Most financial planner would advise that at least some of a retirement portfolio should be invested in stocks. But which ones? Stocks come in a variety of types, broadly divided into two basic types, value […]

Sarang Ahuja—The Benefits of Diversifying Assets

The Benefits of Diversifying Assets

Inexperienced investors sometimes make the mistake of putting all of their money in a single asset. The problem is that the investor may eventually guess wrong and suffer a big loss. Successful investors learn to rely on diversification. Diversifying means allocating money to different assets. For example, an individual can divide his or her money between stocks […]

How Finance In Business Is Changing

Global business integration plus new technological advancement in the financial sector has changed the way we do business.

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