You might be considering getting a second job, yet you haven’t because you’re not quite sure what to do. This is going to add additional hours to your work day, so, when considering an extra source of income, there are a few points to consider. By taking these factors into account, you may be able to find a side job that provides the extra income, while also providing you with rewarding experiences.

Do Something You Enjoy

You’re already putting in 40 hours or more at your current job, so you may want to find something a little different. Look for a position in which you can do an activity that you enjoy. This will add interest to the job and keep you motivated, even after those long hours.

Be Aware of the Hours

Try to find something that offers flexible hours, as well. Adding a second job to your 40 hour work week is going to leave you feeling burned out more often, so you may need to take a break from time to time. Look for a job that allows you that option without forcing you to tarnish your employment record.

Look for Advancement Opportunities

You may want to turn your side job into something more permanent, especially if you end up liking it more than your regular job. Before you quit, make sure you can do this long-term, and you’ll be able to advance within the company. Your best alternative is to find a job that provides room for growth, offers a satisfactory rate of compensation, and leaves you with a rewarding sense of achievement.

Money Matters

While your enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment are important, it’s also important to receive adequate compensation. If you’re not making the additional income you need, or if you’re not adequately compensated for your effort or skill, you may need to look for something else. Keep looking for a better opportunity instead of taking something that you know is beneath your skill set.

Picking up a side job is a great way to pad your retirement savings or go on that vacation, but don’t do something that’s going to overwork you in the meantime. Since you already have one full-time job, you have the leeway to be choosy. Take your time and look for the right job to suit your needs.