If you are considering studying finance in college, you may be wondering whether that field of study is right for you. Finance is an exciting field that impacts every industry. All companies need and want money to survive. Here are a few signs that studying finance is right for you:

Sarang Ahuja Infographic Studying Finance

  1. You’re competitive

Finance is a fast-paced and competitive industry. To make it and keep moving up the ladder you need to constantly be on top of your game. The rate of change, especially with new technologies, requires a finance student to be informed well before they make it into the workplace.

  1. You’re tough

People get emotional about their finances. Even professionals can get upset over financial transactions. You’ll need to be tough and confident to succeed in the finance world.

  1. You love to learn

Financial rules and regulations are always changing. You can’t rely on what you learned in school to carry you through your career. Instead you must continuously follow trends and changes in the law to ensure your financial acumen is sound.

  1. You’re good with people

Solid communications skills are a must for any finance professional. You’ll be dealing with people from all walks of life, and your ability to help them understand financial products and systems is critical to success.

  1. You can be trusted

You’ll be dealing with financial records and private information. And at some point in your career may be the one making financial decisions for your institution and clients. Many people are tempted to bend the rules, but the best finance professionals are trustworthy and stick to the book.

  1. You keep calm

Things get heated in the financial world. But you’ll be better off if you can keep calm in the face of crisis. By being rational and evaluating each situation with logic you’ll be able to make clear decisions for your company and clients.

  1. You like to solve problems

Many financial issues are like riddles. You’ll need to think carefully and analytically to get to the source of the problem and come up with a solution. If you’re committed to solving problems finance is a good field for you.

A lot of people think that studying finance is all about math, and while math is a very important part of your financial education there’s more to finance than balance sheets. You’ll find success in the finance world if you enjoy new challenges and hard work.