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Financial Recovery (1)

Financial Recovery—Acknowledging Your Money Missteps

When it comes to personal finance, it can be easy to continue spending on something that offers you little to no value with a disproportionate level of attachment due to resources you’ve already expended. This is known as the sunk cost fallacy and can cause individuals to act against their best interests and spend more […]

The Worst Things to Spend Your Money On

We live in a society where it is almost impossible to get by without spending money. We are so consumed in our work and spending power, that we don’t even notice why we make the spending decisions that we do. There are many things that we can’t get away from spending money on such as […]

Boycott Black Friday

Since elementary school, we were taught Thanksgiving to be a national holiday of turkey, football, and much needed family time. However, throughout the past few years, the Thanksgiving weekend holiday has now been consumed by capital greed and retail sales. While many news reports have broadcasted the dangers and hostility of Black Friday and consumer […]

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