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What I Did During My Summer Vacation—Sarang Ahuja

What I Did Over My Summer Vacation (Wasn’t An Internship)

If you’re a college student, then a paid internship is the holy grail of a summer vacation—a way to make money while also advancing career prospects. It’s a rite of passage for many students, and it can be devastating to see others land their ideal internships while you’re stuck with nothing to do over the […]

Motivational Business Video: Success Stories of Apple, Google, Facebook, Oprah, and Amazon

The phrase rags to riches often refers to any situation in which a person rises from poverty to wealth in all areas in life. As this term continues to represent the idea and concept of the American dream, we need to understand what is the true fuel and drive for those successful individuals like Elon […]

Tech Start-Ups in a Cyclical Market

A recent article in the New York Times ends with the following quote from Bill Gurley, a prominent venture capitalist, regarding current tech start-ups. “Lots of founders today weren’t around in 1999, and they don’t know a thing about financial markets beyond what’s happened in the last 24 months…. To them that’s how this game […]

Finance in Silicon Valley

Recently, Kevin Roose, writer for NY Mag, talked about his bank and how he was charged an overdraft fee.  He wanted to find a disruptive bank and thought that Silicon Valley might be the right place to look.  Why?  Firstly, the tech world is interested in the finance sector because of the sheer amount of […]

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