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Sarang Ahuja—The Benefits of Diversifying Assets

The Benefits of Diversifying Assets

Inexperienced investors sometimes make the mistake of putting all of their money in a single asset. The problem is that the investor may eventually guess wrong and suffer a big loss. Successful investors learn to rely on diversification. Diversifying means allocating money to different assets. For example, an individual can divide his or her money between stocks […]

Market Tumultuous To Say The Least

The big story today in all of the financial papers, on all of the financial sites, and on all of the financial news shows is, of course, about the market correction and its causes. Reactions have ranged from “Hey everyone, let’s not panic,” to “Prepare for Armageddon.” And interestingly, the movement of the market represented […]

Stocks Getting Hammered

On Thursday, stocks saw a massive hit and the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down more than 300 points.  The average gains for Dow was wiped out in and it ended their five month winning streak.  According to Yahoo Finance, this was the biggest drop it has seen since February 3 and it is considered […]

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