‘They hopefully arrive without battle scars, judgmental opinions, negativity, sarcasm or jadedness. The glass for each of them is not only half full, it is overflowing with optimism and excitement about the future.”

Starting this summer, many private sector businesses and nonprofit organizations will have a new crop of interns beginning their summer internship programs. As new as these novices maybe to the overall business world, their excitement and energy is something that incredibly admired by managers, supervisors, and CEOs alike.

For starters, these youthful go-getters are of course the brightest among their peers. But what make them stand out are not simply their resumes. Instead, it is their overarching professional goals that set them a part from the crowd. This, in turn, personifies their optimism and willingness to learn each and everyday as an intern during these next ten-to-fifteen weeks.

Now for these particular internships, these young professionals view this as the very beginning of a long and successful career. They see every task, every conversation, and every interaction and experience as a window of opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally. But what truly set them apart are the three statements below:

  1. They listen eagerly.
  2. They take risk.
  3. They build and instill confidence for the future.

For many businesses and companies, finding this type of high-level caliber is not just a challenge, but also a constant battle each and everyday. The reason why is that having the ability to listen actively, take risk, and personify confidence in every task that you do can be a daunting experience. But for these remarkable interns, this is simply second nature.

When it comes to listening, they are not just there to hear the on-going operations of the day-to-day. Instead, they actively listen to learn the tricks of the trade in order to build up their own professional skills later down the line. By absorbing various advice and tips from other professionals, especially those higher up in the hierarchy, they will be able to refine various steps in reaching their professional goals.

But listening is not just the only key factor. Instead, taking a risk and putting your knowledge into action is what can define who you will be after graduation. At many of these internships, these individuals are not looked at as children. Instead, they are seen as the future of the company. Because of their value, various supervisors and managers want to make sure they are cultivating a strong foundation for them to return in the future. By taking a risk and assuming more responsibilities, these neophytes can build both a stronger relationship and work experience each and everyday. But that type of execution cannot be done without the confidence and belief in themselves. At many of these roles such as a summer analyst or a summer associate, many of these individuals will be asked to go beyond their comfort zone and perform task that surpass their job description. While some may falter at the idea, many of these interns flourish with confidence in learning and executing to the best of their abilities.

With that said, summer will always be an exciting time for many big businesses, especially those within the financial sector. In football, you have the college season and the draft. For businesses, we have the summer and fall applications. The only question you can ask you is this: What can you do to cultivate this type of talent?