sarangahuja_homepageSarang Ahuja works in Baltimore, Maryland for Constellation as a Principal Analyst for Wholesale Operations. As an individual, Sarang likes to invest in the world around him. Even during a young age, he was always attuned to the world of business and finance. This allowed him to explore new and uncharted opportunities early on in his career and capitalize and leverage his knowledge of business and finance to shape his overall work history. But what separates him from the crowd is not his professional background, but simply his aptitude for success, passion for business, and determination for professional development. These three traits helped carved a path he saw for himself since his adolescent years and continues to motivate him each and everyday. Eventually, that determination and drive allowed him to acquire many notable positions throughout his 10+ years within the business, finance, and private sector where he worked at a variety of companies and firms including Brookstreet Securities, National Securities, NextEra Power Marketing, and Constellation Energy. Today, Sarang continues to apply that creative passion to all aspects of his life.  For him, “Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is and will always be action.”

Educational Background

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

Sarang Ahuja found his interest in finance during his adolescent years. While still in high school, Sarang interned at both Smith Barney and UBS/Paine Webber as a summer associate. Yes, he could have spent the summers days galavanting with the rest of his friends and building memories with his high school classmates, but for Sarang, he saw something bigger than himself. Hard work, dedication, and success; this was his motto. For him, he enjoyed the idea of seeking out and generating solutions to problems within the private sector. He respected the challenge to be apart of a world bigger than himself. But most importantly, he loved the field of business and finance. Because of his passion and his internship experience, he decided to attend Florida State University (FSU). There, Sarang majored in finance. For him, he considered finance to be one of the basic functions within the private enterprise system. Whether you work at a firm, a business, an institution, or a governmental agencies, the economical health of obtaining, administering, analyzing, and managing funds efficiently and wisely caught his eye of how he wanted to develop as a professional. After graduating from FSU with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance, he decided to continue his education at the University of Florida the Warrington College of Business Administration where he attained a Master of Science Degree in Finance.

Professional Background

Immediately after graduation, Sarang Ahuja started his professional financial career as a Portfolio Analyst with Brookstreet Securities, and later excelled to being a Portfolio Manager. At Brookstreet, Sarang evaluated potential new investments by assessing industry and sector fundamentals, analyzing financial statements, constructing valuation models, and interviewing company management. In addition to wearing multiple hats, he also assessed and analyzed non-equity investments such as CMO’s, private equity investments, and real estate projects. For him, he saw the passion and purpose for being bigger than himself. It is that simple idea that pushed him to undertake various challenges and create solutions that were tangible, helpful, and successful for all parties.

Following his work with Brookstreet/National Securities, Sarang decided to embark on new journey by joining NextEra Power Marketing in Juno Beach, where he worked as a Quantitative Analyst in the Risk Analytics group. There he analyzed usage data, price curves, contracts/deal structure, customer migration data, weather and other risks to ensure accurate pricing and risk assessment in various types of transactions for Full Requirements, Origination and Mid-Marketing within different regions and markets. All of these professional experiences paved the way to Sarang’s current role as a Principle Analyst with Constellation.

The Sarang Ahuja Motto

The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Hard work, dedication, and determination; this was Sarang Ahuja’s motto. Ever since he was a child, Sarang was taught that the price of success will, and never been an easy road. Instead, it takes countless hours of hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and an underlying determination to finish a task to perfection no matter what the probability of success looks like. This motto is what ignited his fire and passion the minute he began his journey into the financial private sector. It is also the key ingredient that continues to pick him up in the morning and perform at his best each and every day. For many people, they face various obstacles as excuses that ultimately prevents them from reaching their goals.They allow their doubters to whisper their dreams away and allow their mistakes to get the best of them. For Sarang, every downfall, every mistake, every low point is nothing but a window of opportunity to grow and learn to better himself both personally and professionally.

Personal Interest

Beyond his expertise and knowledge for business and finance, Sarang Ahuja is a sports enthusiast and avid professional poker player. Originally hailing from Philadelphia, Sarang continues to root and support his Eagles season after season. Though he has shed some love for the Baltimore teams such as the Baltimore Ravens or the Baltimore Orioles, you can always find him on weekends rocking the classic midnight Eagles green and cheering his team on. When he is not in front of the television chanting ‘Fly Eagles Fly,’ you can usually find him at the poker tables perfecting his skills for the next World Series Poker tournament. For Sarang, he doesn’t believe in being lucky. Instead he believes in creating his own luck. Yes, the objective of poker is to win each hand, but for true poker players, it is much more than that. Siting at tables for hours on end with the triumphs and falls of the ‘river card’ is something only true professional poker players can understand. While every player has his or her own motivation for playing, Sarang sees poker as just another opportunity to put numbers and finance in the best possible way.